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Why choose Bee?  


  • Bee is a Belgian company.
  • Bee produces and supplies locally generated renewable energy.
  • Bee supplies sustainable energy from its own generation installations and from other sustainable suppliers.
  • Bee only targets companies,offering a custom-made energy solution.
  • Bee gives you the freedom to generate energy yourself and sells your energy surpluses.
  • Bee helps its customers produce and buy energy sustainably.
  • Bee always tries to create added value for its customers.
  • Bee offers the most competitive price on the market.
  • Bee offers a personal total service and independent advice.


Mission and vision

Bee is a Belgian company which was founded based on a new vision on the energy market.

Bee supplies sustainable energy to companies from its own production units and our network of locally generated sustainable energy.

In addition, we also want to help our customers generate sustainable energy themselves. In this way we want to provide an alternative to the large energy companies and contribute to an independent, environmentally-friendly and future-oriented energy supply.

At Bee you can choose:

  • To buy sustainable, locally produced energy from Bee
  • Or to generate your own energy and rely on full support from our professionals. Do this and you will regain control over your energy supply and at the same time make substantial savings on your energy bills.

As an energy supplier and producer we can thus offer each customer the best solution and the best price. You are also completely free to choose the best solution for you. 


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